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Unbleached Bjj Gi

ART# unbleached-bjj-gi

Unbleached competition Weave Gi 100% COTTON

- 350/450/550 gsm compitation weave/pearl Weave fabric
- One piece jacket with no back seam
- EVA Foam Collar.
- Triple stitched Contrasting color stitch Or same
- Heavy Reinforced Seams
- Tailored Fit
- Custom Academy Embroidery / Label
- 100% cotton
- 100% Preshrink After Washing 4, 5% shrink
- Any Cut style Available
- Ripstop Pants / Cotton Twill Pants 10oz/12oz
- Sizes: Children M000 to M3, Women F1 to F5, Men A00 to A5

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